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Old School Shooter Action

Silent Avenger

A silent killer. Strike down enemies instantly with your katana or dispose of them from a distance using your sniper rifle.

Shadow Dancer

A new class, swift and deadly, so deadly that it's being held back for now. Be prepared for the day the Shadow Dancer makes his appearance!


Fearless resistance fighters possessing unrivalled marksmanship with machine guns and grenade launchers. They are loud – but effective!

Shield Trooper

The human tank! Armed with an impenetrable shield, flamethrower and minigun, flat-footedness is his only weakness.

In a world, with a Cold War not determined by controlling oil reserves, but by the valuable resource optimite, the Axium Empire and the Republic of Travia engage in an unrelenting arms race. Their most valuable weapons are mercenaries, injecting themselves with optimite to gain superhuman strength. They run up walls effortlessly and leave destruction in their wake. How far would you go to become the best of these ruthless mercenaries?

Make an ally of your environment!

Old-school, rapid, hard-core shooter gameplay. With an optimite injection, you become a super mercenary. Run up walls, shoot from every angle and destroy your adversaries before they destroy you!

Your character,
your style,
your tactics!

A close-combat fighter or a sniper? On the frontline, or a silent killer? Create your own playing style using costumes, weapons and buffs!


Fight against waves of enemies and powerful bosses, solo or in co-op mode! Experience more of the world of GunZ 2: The Second Duel.

Death Match

Start a fight with mercenaries the world over. A free for all – every man for himself!

Death Match

Rapid shooter action with friends – or more ambitious matches as clans: join forces with other players and annihilate the opposing team.


One life, one chance! A considered approach and teamwork are what count in “Last Man Standing” mode!

Available game modes

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